Cluster Correction for Multiple Comparisons

neuropointillist does not correct for multiple comparisons, but this is something that you need to do afterwards.

There are currently two approaches to cluster correction.

Simulated Noise

The first uses the spatial structure of noise in fMRI data and FSL and AFNI tools to do cluster correction. Many thanks to Kelly Sambrook for helping me to write this section of the manual.

Permutation Testing/ETAC

The second approach runs npoint in permutation testing mode to generate permutations, and then uses AFNI tools to run the state of the art ETAC: Equitable Thresholding and Clustering. ETAC is a method that applies multiple per-voxel thresholds to control the overall False Positive Rate. To make it easier for you to do this, npoint has support for using AWS cloud computing. Many thanks to John Flournoy for writing this section of the manual.